Thylacinus cynocephalus

Proud Park Slopian with a love of the natural world and animation (with a slice of other things); name after the scientific name of the Thylacine. Majority of these posts I don't own/create unless stated otherwise.
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Here is a small portion of animals that were deleted from Dinosaur Revolution; the first three animals on the top were cut out because at the time of production, some scientists questioned the validity of Raptorex kriegsteini and as a result the whole sequence was cutout (perhaps replaced by the Guanlong wucaii sequence). As for Iguanodon bernissartensis it was a matter of the story not being so interesting or compelling. Models done by the talented David Krentz and coloring done by Angie Rodrigues and Richard Delgado (of the famed Age of Reptiles comic).

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