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Oh, Ariel you hopeless child.





Now this is what a monster movie is supposed to look like



The roar heard ‘round the world.

A king’s arrival is never silent.

Elsa and Godzilla swap faces… I am so bored today.

Elsa and Godzilla swap faces… I am so bored today.


my childhood buddy’s back :D


a basketful of baby birds (source) happy easter!

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I don’t like this theory - just the way the ship was destroyed alone was enough to make it not make any sense -, but thanks to my lovely roommate who made a cute jingle about this I can’t help it. And apparently Chris Buck (the director of both Tarzan and Frozen) actually hinted about this long before the theory came up. Hopefully it is a joke! Not to mention Anna would be OLDER in this picture and let alone these two would have no idea they are related.

Just damn… Ellen, you know how to melt the people.

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Nigerian #beauty #smile #happiness #life

I know her :) she is my friend in college <3